Use a Thick Eyebrow Stencil for a Special Look

When it comes to your eyebrows, you would like to be noticed and you would like to have perfect twins in place. You would like for your brows to be put together and to look right on your face. You would like for those around you to be impressed with the brows that you have and the way that those brows bring attention to your eyes. You will be able to use a thick eyebrow stencil to help you get the eyebrow look that you would like to have.

You can be noticed because of your eyebrows, and you can make those eyebrows stand out in a simple manner through the help that a stencil offers you. When you use a stencil, you will be able to put your brows into place in a careful and perfect manner. Your brows will look just the way that you want them to when you use a stencil to help you out.

No Puffy Sleeves Allowed

Spring is here, and teenagers know it. With the coming of better weather, high schoolers begin to develop a growing excitement for their long awaited summer break and the freedom that comes with it, but before that… it’s prom season! This means that you girls out there have some serious work to do, with the biggest thing being finding the right dress. Here are some of the most tasteful and modern styles of ball┬ádresses for teenagers to consider.

The Baby Doll
The empire waist doesn’t only look good in PBS Jane Austin movies. Baby doll dresses are a modern take on the classic style due just with a shorter length. Both the old and the new and the old versions of this cut achieve the same look which is emphasizing the bust area (modestly) and concealing the shape of the rest of the abdomen, making them ideal for curvier girls that are uncomfortable with showing off their figures. Their charm also works for those who prefer to look cute over sexy.

Mermaid Dress
You don’t need to be Ariel to sport the mermaid look. This particular fit and flared style of dress has been rising in popularity in recent years. The mermaid skirt shape has proven to be quite diverse due to it’s ability to work well with various bodice shapes and lengths, with full floor length being the most elegant. The mermaid dress is highly recommended for girls that are taller and slender since the flared out bottom creates the appearance of balance and stability.

Two Piece
A two piece gown is an ultra modern style of formal wear that has achieved what we all thought was impossible…showing mid-drift in a tasteful way. The style is pulled off by pairing a fitted and high-waisted skirt that is floor length with a matching crop top. The pair together modestly reveals only a few inches of your upper abdomen. The style is forgiving of fuller figures and is perfect for trendier girls.