How to Look Skinnier Without Dieting!

There are a few ways to look at least five pounds smaller through a few styling tricks, and best of all, they don’t require diet and exercise to achieve them. No matter what size you are, here are some tips to help you appear longer and leaner


  1. Maximize Your Assets

This trick is relatively simple and easy: find the smallest body part and then maximize it. If you have a small bust, opt for empire waist skirts and tops. If you have long and slim legs, skinny pants and short skirts that show off your legs are the best way to optimize your body parts. Have a small waist? Then highlight the area with a belt that brings attention to it. Dark Side panels on a dress can literally take inches from your hips and waist, so watch as your love handles disappear with these slight adjustments!


  1.  Spectacular Undergarments

Wearing the proper bra is one of the most essential components to looking slimmer and is a tip that most women should already know. A bra that fully supports your bosom is the right one and if in doubt, visit a department store and seek out a fit specialist to be measured correctly. Another great underwear secret is investing in shapewear to layer over your clothes. High-waisted briefs and Spanx are perfect for tummy control and shorts are recommended for smoothing out areas along the thighs and hips. Try a waist trainer and experiment with how they can re-shape and lift your body.


  1. Of High Heels and Stilettos

Many women struggle with wearing high heels for a number of reasons from foot problems to knee issues, general discomfort to age, and more. Wedges and chunky heels are options to consider that can be worn in place of stilettos as they are easier to walk in and give your body additional support. Ankle strap shoes also provide more security and eliminate rolling ankles. Women with long legs and small ankles should definitely consider high heels


  1. Necklines

Both scoop neck and v-neck tops have the ability to make your upper body appear leaner and longer, while simultaneously minimizing your bust and elongating your neck. This is a sexy option to consider that can be worn everywhere, even the office place. Just keep cleavage to a minimum in a work environment.

  1. Monochrome

Monochromatic design is arguably one of the most effective ways to look smaller. By wearing one color from head to toe, you create an illusion of length. Darker colors like blue, black, or navy have the most power to yield a leaner body. For small women, wearing all one color is another great tip to incorporate into your arsenal.

Remember to stay away from clothing that is too constrained as this tends to make women look bigger than they actually are. With vanity sizing all the rage these days, it is never certain what size you truly are. Simply focus on how the garment fits your individual body.